Iya Rainbow: Nigerian Government Should Help Entertainment Industry To Tackle Piracy


Iya Rainbow :Nigerian Government Should Help Entertainment Industry To Tackle Piracy -
Iya Rainbow –

Idowu Philips, popularly known as Mama Rainbow, a veteran and icon in the Nigerian Movie Industry, is a combination of beauty and elegance. She’s an elated actress and Godly person, who is endowed with tremendous gift as an artiste. It is not an exaggeration to say that she is an accomplished entertainer.

Iya Rainbow, no doubt is an embodiment of inspiration to many young actors in Yoruba nollywood industry, who look up to her as a role model. She’s known as people’s actress, when it comes to playing roles of mother, counsellor, and so on. The nollywood diva has played so many roles one can think of in the movie world.

On October 15, she celebrated her 75th birthday and church warming ceremonies in a grand style. She talked about the Cherubim and Seraphim Church she established in Lagos. She also expressed her disappointment in Nigerian government, for refusing  to give the nollywood industry support on the fight against piracy in the industry.

In  a short telephone chat with Rasaq Odunlami, of, the Nollywood diva spoke about some germane issues.
Brand Campaign: 75 years on earth is a long journey, and you are still looking young and elegant, what is the secret of your beauty?

Iya Rainbow :It is nothing but the power of Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth. I glorify His Mighty name.
Brand Campaign: How do you normally feel seeing large crowd at your events?
Iya Rainbow :I always feel happy, great and honoured. I also give thanks to God that I invited them and they attended. They are not doing this because of any other thing but the love they have for me. I pray for  God’s  protection on everyone .

Brand Campaign: In 2012, you celebrated your 70th birthday, and we talked to so many actors to testify about you.  They said you are such a kind and humble person. What can you say about this?

Iya Rainbow :It is good to be kind and humble in life, because through this you will be loved by good people as well. A good elder must have that trait. I thank God for giving me that grace, and I will continue to be kind and humble in my lifetime. I also thank those who always appreciate me.

Brand Campaign: What do you want government to do for Nigerian movie industry ?

Iya Rainbow :There are so many things that the government  can do to help us in the industry, but over the years they have not been giving us attention on some of our problems, which if they do, it would be of benefit to us. For instance Nigerian government refused to give us support to tackle the problem of  Piracy,  which has been a serious challenge, they are facing in entertainment industry. It is a known fact that, only the  government has the power to tackle pirates . I know that if the government is  ready to do it, the war would be won. I’m using this medium to appeal to government  to come to our aid because this is our own business.

Brand Campaign: What legacy would you like to be remembered for as an actor?

Iya Rainbow :I have built a Cherubum and Seraphim Church, which I want many people to come and be worshiping in. This has been my dream for so many years, and I am very happy that I achieved my dream. So, for me I see it as a good legacy one can be remembered for.

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