Outdoor Advertising: JAS Oyekan‘s Business Strategy Will Be Missed-Tunde Oyekan, First Son

Outdoor Advertising :JAS Oyekan‘s Business Strategy Will Be Missed-Tunde
Jas oyekan of colour image publicity fame

Late Chief Kolawole Jas Oyekan, the Adele Olu of Ilaro-Yewa, the founder and Managing Director of Colour Image Publicity Limited who passed on last year,  was a business mogul in the advertising industry. A community and philanthropic personality who touched many life’s while he was alive. Adele Olu, as he was fondly called during his days was an accomplished man in all ramifications. His death no doubt left a big vacuum which cannot be filled any time soon.

Lekan Ajibogun of Yewa-Awori Horizon  had a chat with Babatunde Oyekan, the first son of the business mogul who spoke on his late father’s strategy and business acumen.

How Was  Life Growing Up Under  Your  Dad And  Your Siblings?

Tunde  Oyekan: Life growing up under my father was like the same for everyone under their parents. My dad was a pleasant dad, a generous dad to a fault and a father in all ramifications. No father will want his children to go astray and children being who we are, we wanted freedom to ride bicycle, play football, go do summersault/acrobatic play and so on. So it was treatment with no kids glove.

He gave us all we wanted and needed and loved us the way a father should love his children. A very strict man, he never gave room for any indiscipline. Though as he grew older, he relaxes his strictness on my younger ones but we the elders were the ones who got the real deal of his disciplinary act. He never allowed me to fantasize about being the only boy, he treated me like all other children, and he ensured that discipline is entrusted into every facet of our lives.

The sound of his car horn signaled the decorum that had eluded the house all day. But as he grew older, he became more relaxed in his approach and tough stance. We truly cherished those moments as we later realized that all he was doing then was for a better future for each and every one of us.

What  Impact Does Staying  With  Your Dad Has Over Your Life?

Tunde  Oyekan : Well, the few years we lived together, I was able to appreciate him for his doggedness in standing by whatever he believed in. He was very blunt in stating facts and did not mince his words. A very committed man to his roots, he taught me what punctuality is all about, what dedication to duty is and what service to humanity is all about. His philosophy has always been that punctuality is the soul of business. Keeping to time is one thing my dad never joked with and all these are traits one has been able to imbibe from a loving father. The quality advice and leadership role he gave to us, me in particular has helped in my daily endeavours.

Let  Us Review  Your Father’s Activities As A Family  Man, Outdoor Advertising Practitioner And. Community Leader?

Tunde Oyekan: Well, God has given every individual their skills and talents, how you are able to detect yours depends on your own ability. My dad was a good family man who was able to provide all we needed adequately for the family both immediate and extended families. And as the head of the family by virtue of his chieftaincy title, Adele Olu of Ilaro (Traditional Prime Minister of Ilaro), he was able to lead the family very well. His managerial skill which helped him from nothing to somebody and from grass to grace was what he also deployed in the management of the affairs of his community.

He was so much loved by his people and community. Don’t forget that Jesus had enemies too, even one of His disciples betrayed him how much more, so if I say he was loved by everyone, am only being economical with the truth but he enjoyed a very good relationship with a large number of his people within the family, business, traditional institutions and the community at large. Note that he became Adele Olu at 39 years of age and the youngest amongst the chiefs before then was about 60 years but then he was able to endear himself to both the Kabiyesi and the whole chiefs.

On his professional practice of Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria, he was an icon in the Outdoor advertising sector having served the association in various capacities including the treasurer, the Vice President, the President and Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Association, the position he held for 14 years until his demise. His leadership style was well appreciated and this culminated in over 80 member companies attending his burial ceremony to pay their last respect to the man they so much loved on the 23rd of July, 2016 in Ilaro, Ogun state.

What  Will  You  Miss About JAS Oyekan And Is There Any  Plan  To Immortalise  Him?

Tunde Oyekan: Definitely, He was my hero, my mentor and my greatest dad therefore; I would definitely miss a lot of things about him.

His wise counsel will be greatly missed as no one can guide you on the rightful path like your parents.

JAS’ business strategy that helped him in years past will be greatly missed. His social interaction with both old and young within and outside the family, business and community will surely be missed. His love for his family and the ability to unite and resolve issues without further aggravating tension will be missed. Lots to miss about this great man and am convincingly sure the family is working on modalities of immortalizing this great man and son of Yewaland. A caring family man and an icon in the Out-Of-Home advertising industry.

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