I Studied Economics But Fine Arts More Inspirational – Ife Emokpare

Ife Emokpare, A Young Fine Artist -
Ife Emokpare, A Young Fine Artist –

Due to the course that he studied in the university, young but talented Ife Emokpare would have chosen to work in the banking sector, stock exchange floor or an investment firm, but he chose to practice as a fine artist.

Akinwumi Dickson Of Brandcampaign had a brief chat with  the  Economics graduate of Redeemers University, who is a career fine artist, during an exhibition he held recently. Excerpts.

What inspired you into fine arts and tell us your unique style, and why fine arts?

Inspiration into the arts came from my natural ability to draw and create from an early age. I just lived an art life, every note I had in primary and secondary schools, had doodle and sketches in their margins. It came naturally and now I tend to just express the thoughts through figurative and abstracts.

What is your career plan?

I am an Economist with B.Sc degree by logic and but by natural flair, I am an artist working on a BA in fine arts. I intend to fuse them into advertising and marketing because that is my career path. It’s about understanding market principles and using colour and creativity to stimulate desire for consumption.

What is your gain as a fine artist? Can you also evaluate how much you have realised, profitably from your artworks?

The economics of arts is a fun part of art life and I hope in the future, I would write a book on it because just one piece of artwork can change your whole life forever. The profit has been pretty fair for me but it can be far better. I’ve had the privilege of making works that fetched me some money.

You recently held an exhibition.What was the rationale behind the exhibition and of what relevance is an exhibition to an artist?

The idea of the Exhibition first came in 2014 and it is still growing strong. That was just the first and I decided to make more exhibitions with more art works. Art exposes you to your genius self and we need more Nigerians in this vocation to awake the art in this profession so that we would have a more designed society with greater efficiencies in functionalities and appearances.

The importance of this exhibition lies in its unique blend of art and gin to create an exhibition that allows creative minded Nigerians to interact, socialize and network in a creatively charged atmosphere. Who knows what inspirations they will have for their various vocations as a result?

For your parents, what has been their level of support so far?

My parents, pastor and Pastor Mrs Sam Emokpare  are Pentecostal church pastors. They have been amazing. They rose up like giants and became pillars that hold this whole gig up. It amazes me every time I think on what they have done in terms of support.

Tell us your educational, parental background, hobbies, best books ever read and role models?

I studied Economics from Redeemers University. My parents are pastors, and I have three iconic siblings. Music fascinates me, reading and writing too.

Every book authored by Ted Dekker is an ideal piece for me but the best book I have read has to be Mario Puzo’s “The Last Don”. I admire Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci. I love these people. They are inspirational.


  1. Emokpare Oluyemi

    Fantastic piece . This will inspire more youths to maximize their skills and talents. Thanks for encouraging the next generation.

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  4. Great words Ife! I wish you all the very best as you continue in this path. Welldone!

  5. May the Lord guide you to stand out in this life and eternity.

  6. Bravo Ife, I’m so proud of you.God is causing you to stand out in this field. You cannot be stopped​ or limited.

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    Wahoo this is great my dear bigger u in all ur endeavour. Keep it up