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Alpha1 Rides Trains Partners Ahead September Launch


Alpha1 Rides Trains Partners Ahead September Launch -
Alpha1 Rides Trains Partners Ahead September Launch –

Indigenous Ride Hailing Company, Alpa1 Rides has commenced orientation of Driver-Partners to orientate them on the company’s high service delivery expectations and listen to their views on what quality service should entail.

The orientation cum induction, which started August 15 and expected be a regular programme, took place at the Alpha1 Rides’ state-of- the-art Partners’ Lounge on the Third Floor of the Iconic UAC Building on the Marina.

Speaking to newsmen at the end of the second day of training, Ejoke Okpan, Alpha1’s spokesperson, said that more than 200 drivers have been inducted since orientation commenced two weeks ago. According to her, it is crucial for all partners to be integrated into the business as a way to get their buy-in, saying it is a way to prevent “sub optimisation of the Alpha1 ecosystem-a situation where we are moving in one direction and our partners are moving in another”.

“It is our belief that once we and our partners are on the same page as far as service delivery is concerned, we can better make our riders happy by giving them the kind of quality service they deserve.”

According to her, the orientation is also an opportunity to sound-out Partners on how they think the partnership can achieve the goals agreed by both parties.
Driver Partners who attended the orientation programme say that Alpha1’s approach to the business is different from other players who do not as much as listen to their complaints, let alone ask their opinions on matters on how to improve the offering. “All they care about is their commission”.

Excited about the Alpha1 package, Kaosisochukwu Kelechi, a partner Driver said, the alpha1 “platform has good intentions for drivers and for riders while Elebute Michael Agboola commended the charges saying, “Your charges are Ok”.
According to Okpan, the orientation is part of an integrated marketing and outreach activity to reach-out to stakeholders that began with a social media campaign early August and has reached over 50,000 prospects and engaged as many. The company’s marketers have also been unleashed in town and campus storms to encourage download of its user-friendly Apps for Provider and Client Partners.

Already, she said that drivers on the Alpha 1 platform are fetish about good manners, which is a credo valued and encouraged by the company. Drivers who display these qualities are rewarded with points and vouchers that have immediate impact on their earnings, she said.

“Alpha 1 Rides promises to provide timely and comfortable rides to all customers and move goods to where ever they are needed in the Lagos metropolis and beyond. What is special about our services is the personal service we render to every customer whom we treat as kings”, she said.

She listed the Alpha1 offerings to include City Rides, Airport Pick Up, Office Shuttle and Limo Service. Others are Alpha1 Deliveries and School Runs all of which are technology-backed. The deliveries and School businesses, for example are heavy on trackers. To take advantage of the seamless services provided by the company, she encouraged prospective customers to simply download the updated Alpha1 App on the Google App Store.

The company website indicates that car models to be used by providers are not to go below the year 2000 models as they invite experienced drivers to join them to make history and give Nigerians something indigenous that all involved would be proud of. The Riders’ app can be downloaded her:

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