Access Bank Collaborates With Africa FinTech Foundry To Boost Innovation –


Access Bank Collaborates With Africa FinTech Foundry To Boost Innovation -
Access Bank Collaborates With Africa FinTech Foundry To Boost Innovation –

In a bid to boost innovation, which Access Bank Plc believes in and grows  in Africa, the bank has partnered with the Africa Fin Tech Foundry, one of the key stakeholders in the Financial Technology (Fin Tech)sector to improving business aimed at finding, building and accelerating its growth through mentorship and facilitating access to technology

The bank which  leverages more on how the concept can change business landscape  today is also keen as a financial institution that takes full advantage of technology,to  build market trends to customers.

Access Bank and Africa Fin Tech Foundry (AFF), initiative is equally aimed at providing greater access to those that are  financially l excluded across the continent.

Roosevelt Ogbonna, speaking on behalf of Mr Herbert Wigwe,  the Chief Executive Officer, Access Bank Plc, said emergence of FinTech has impacted on the way the lender operates business.

“The global world would continue to innovative as Fin Tech companies thrive to develop new products and services, especially to evolving customers need.” He said.

Ogbonna said FinTech is a new opportunity to learn how to do things differently. He said they do not see the FinTech players as competitors; they rather see them as partners that give all of them opportunities to sit across the table, to path a new way forward, for their market and economy at large.

“At Access Bank, we have the capacity to bring partners together. We are deeply excited about the opportunities to create tomorrow, and we are doing this in partnership with many global institutions.” He added.

Representing the Lagos State governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, Lagos State Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Olufemi Odubiyi, at the 2017 AFF Disrupt Conference, recently held in Lagos, said FinTech is a new technology innovation that gives a complete revolution, in a way financial services are designed and delivered.

He said. “FinTech can serve as leveraging point to power communities and social media. Nigeria is transmitting into a dynamic ecosystem, offering FinTech companies a platform to successes and potentially grow them into multimillion dollar businesses “.

He added that Lagos State government is addressing key challenges at which opportunities in the FinTech space are effectively utilised.

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